Modules - TP 20

The TP20 is a touch-trigger probe that gives its users the ability to change stylus configurations manually or automatically, without re-qualification.

TP20 Modules Types:

  • TP20 Standard Force - Suitable for almost applications.
  • TP20 Medium Force  - Suitable for vibration resistance when using longer styli.
  • TP20 Extended Force - Suitable for large stylus arrangements.
  • TP20 Low Force - For high accuracy with short styli and delicate materials.
  • TP20 6-Way -  Especially on Measuring grooves and undercuts.
** The TP20 is now widely accepted as the industry standard replacement for the TP2-5W probe
** It can be easily retrofitted to manual and DCC co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs).

*Kindly contact us for further clarification and products informations.

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