CMM Modules Selangor

TP200 / TP200B

  • Electronic probes which using strain gauge technology
  • Higher accuracy campare with kinematic touch-trigger probes
  • Combine outstanding metrology performance with superior functionality to produce a highly versatile DCC CMM probing system, with excellent productivity.

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The TP20 is a touch-trigger probe that gives its users the ability to change stylus configurations manually or automatically, without re-qualification.

TP20 Modules Types:
  • TP20 Standard Force - Suitable for almost applications.
  • TP20 Medium Force  - Suitable for vibration resistance when using longer styli.

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The SP25 is actually two sensors in one!
  • Enabling the user to SCAN for form measurement or reverse engineering and TOUCH-TRIGGER PROBE (TTP) for geometry.
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